The wonder of white fillings!

Nowadays more patients are requesting cosmetic fillings which are white and look like the original tooth. The traditional  amalgam fillings in dentistry have been used for over 150 years! They have proven to be a cost effective way for dentists to replace cavities and have shown to be long lasting and durable.

The amalgam materials consists of a combination of various metals however the mercury content can be as high as 50% and for this reason there has been much controversy  as to its use. Nowadays more and patients are requesting cosmetic alternatives such as white fillings which can enhance the patients smile.

Without doubt mercury is a toxin and exposure to high levels can cause detrimental effects. due to this element within amalgam fillings there is a growing concern into links to health problems. In particular concerns have been raised of amalgam being linked to Alzheimers disease, parkinsons disease and multiple sclerosis. However many major studies have failed to reveal any such link.

Until recently there were no suitable attentive to amalgam fillings. But advances in material science have come up with white filling materials which can not only look similar to the tooth but also be long lasting and durable. White fillings can also be used to build up the front teeths an alternative to crowns. This can be quite useful if the patient has gaps between the teeth they want to close up. The following case was done by our specialist prosthodontist Dr JJ Khamis.


The patient was very pleased because they did not have to have there teeth cut down for crowns.

At 44 dental care we use the highest quality of materials to  produce white fillings which are not only durable but look very realistic just like the original tooth.

You will be treated by highly experienced dentists and specialists to get the best dental results and give you a great smile!. Call 44 dental care to book in for an appointment  and discuss your cosmetic needs.