• I was very comfortable during the procedure. Altaaf is very reassuring. Definitely the best dentist to ever treat me in every sense. I am very happy with the outcome. It's a massive improvement from how things were and I actually feel this procedure was excellent value for money–James Criglington, Wigston.

  • My treatment was explained to me very vell step by step. Mr Hathiari and Jackie looked after me very well, and so did the ladies at the front desk.I am very pleased with the treatment and would recommend anyone to come to this dental practice–Yvonne Storer, Leicester

  • Dr Altaaf Hathiari's easy going and friendly manner made me feel very comfortable–Mrs Henshaw, Clarendon Park

  • My old dentures were starting to get very loose. The new CQR dentures that Mr Mead made are brilliant. I wish I had always had dentures like these. The CQR dentures are fantastic!–Joseph Matson, Leicester

  • Excellent dentist, although extremely professional they were very caring, especially with me being nervous. I had a very bad experience earlier in the year, with a different dentist in another practice, which put me off wanting to go back to any. I would highly recommend them, (which I already have done). The entire practice and staff make you very comfortable.–Sue Waldron, Leicester

  • I was incredibly nervous beforehand as I had not been to a dentist for a good 10 years and am of an anxious nature too. The dentist and his assistant were so reassuring - I cannot thank them enough, both very caring, considerate and kind. I am now so pleased to have found a dental practice I can trust and am ecstatic that my teeth are now being treated properley. Thankyou so much to everyone at the practice.–Sophie Watts, Leicester

  • Acquired 44 Dental Care's phone number completely by chance via Google Maps on my phone. But what a discovery. 44 Dental Care are the best practice I've come across in years. I needed one routine and one major filling after a chunk had come out of my front left canine. The work was completed by one of the dentists. Not only was their work very competent but they bear the hallmark of somebody who cares about their patients.–Peter Mcabe, Leicester

  • My dentist was so supportive and understanding of my phobia and went out of their way to explain my options and put a care plan in place. They examined my teeth quite thoroughly without heavy handed poking and prodding like other dentists I have been to. They showed a dedicated interest in helping me with my phobia and, notably, was extremely polite to the nurse. An overall sense of calm and professionalism that had me very relaxed for once.–Gary Benning, Leicester

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