Root canal treatment is a complex procedure which requires time and skill by the dentist, to be successful. When patient are told that they need a root canal treatment the common reaction is of nervousness and many patients are rightful to be concerned. However the procedure is not as bad as patients are led to believe.

Saving the tooth

If a dentist has suggested that you need root canal treatment then it means that the canals of the tooth have become infected. A dentist who has the ability to carry out the procedure to a high standard will be able to remove the infected material out of the tooth and refill the canals successfully.. Once completed the tooth can be crowned which will strengthen the tooth and give the tooth a natural shape and aesthetic appearance. Also by preventing an extraction,  there is no need for further work to replace the gap such as the need for dental bridges or dental implants.

Root Canal Treatment - 44 Dental Care

Why does  a tooth need root canal treatment

Normally the nerves and the blood vessel of the tooth are protected by an outer layer of enamel. However if dental decay enters the nerve system of the tooth then the blood supply can become infected. When this happens the resultant pain can be quite severe. Usually if  not treated the pain can lead to a dental abscess. Nerve pain would usually start with a slight throbbing pain. If left untreated the pain can affect your sleep and in the worse cases result in a facial swelling.

When you feel this level of pain in a tooth the you should call us at 44 dental care as soon as possible and be seen by one of our dentist as an emergency. The sooner the problems is seen by one  of our dentist, we  will be ble to help you with the pain relief more successfully . Also the resultant root canal  procedure has a higher chance of being successful.

Nervous patients

Our team of highly experienced dentists understand that patients may be nervous about the procedure of root canal treatment. At 44 Dental care we can use effective anaesthetics  to make sure you don’t any discomfort throughout the procedure at all. Patients who are seen at 44 Dental care for this type of dental emergency will benefit by being offered the choice of seeing Dr Alvarez for this specialised treatment.