Our aim is to assess the overall health of your mouth, to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.

By attending regular examinations give we have opportunity to identify and treat potential dental problems before they become painful, complex or costly to treat. We want you to feel confident in your smile, and will give on-going advice to enable you to achieve your optimum dental health.

Here’s what we will examine when you come in for your initial and regular check ups:

  1. parallax_dentistsWe ask how healthy you feel your teeth gums and mouth are.
  2. Are you concerned about any aspects of your dental health.
  3. Do you have medical conditions, or are taking any medicines, which are likely to impact on your dental health?
  4. We will carry out a lifestyle assessment to identify any risk factors that may affect your oral health.
  5. Is the appearance of your smile how you want it to be? Are you happy with it?
  6. We examine your teeth and check for health.
  7. We examine any fillings/crowns etc and check for stability, function and aesthetics.
  8. We check for plaque in your mouth examine your gums and assess their health.
  9. We carry out an Oral Cancer Screen (examination of the inside of your mouth including tongue, cheeks, lips, floor and roof of mouth)
  10. We examine your bite for signs of wear or instability. i.e. toothwear
  11. We examine your neck for enlarged lymph nodes and your jaw joint.
  12. We carry out X-ray Screening (to check in between your teeth and the quality of your bone) where clinically indicated.