Good oral health is an important factor in people’s general health and quality of life. At 44 Dental Care, we strive to help people with special needs gain the education and tools to improve their oral health and prevent dental disease.

Below we have collected some resources which the special needs patient and carer can use to help prepare for their dental visit. They are a combination of easy read leaflets and videos.

Resources about oral care for family carers:

  • This leaflet gives a brief description of some of the oral health problems that people with PMLD are more likely to experience and provides guidelines to help maintain a good standard of oral hygiene.
  • A 13-minute film providing guidance for carers on oral health for people with learning disabilities
  • This factsheet gives a summary of the simple steps that parents, carers and children can take every day to protect and improve their oral health

Easy-read and accessible resources about oral care:

  • An easy read guide to looking after teeth and gums
  • An easy-read leaflet with photos and Widget symbols about going to the dentist
  • An animated musical about oral hygiene made with learning disabled students and designed as an entertaining film with tunes that are not only catchy but contain lots of relevant oral hygiene information and tips