What Exactly Is Oral Surgery And Why Might I Need It?


If your dentist suggests a referral to an oral surgeon, it might immediately cause you to panic. Generally when we hear the word ‘surgery’ we straight away think of a hospital setting, a general anaesthetic and long recovery times. However, when it comes to dentistry, you may be surprised to learn what’s actually considered oral surgery and what it involves.

The good news is that if your dentist refers you to see an oral surgeon, it doesn’t always mean you have a serious or challenging problem to treat. It can simply mean that there’s someone more specialised and better trained to treat your particular case. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at exactly what oral surgery is and more importantly, why you might need it.

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is a dental speciality that concentrates on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases, injuries or defects in the head, neck, jaws, face and hard or soft tissues.

In fact, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our very own oral surgeon here at 44 Dental Care, Dr Surendra Shenoy. For the past 22 years, Dr Shenoy has been focused on providing minor oral surgery services for patients and has offered this service here in our practice for the past 4 years. In addition, he’s employed by an NHS Foundation Trust Hospital as a specialist oral surgeon and also provides one-to-one mentoring to local dentists in oral surgery techniques.

Having spent most of his career in secondary care oral and maxillofacial surgical units, Dr Shenoy has gained extensive clinical and surgical knowledge in managing more complex cases. As a result, if you’re referred to Dr Shenoy,  you can rest assured that you’ll be in very safe and experienced hands indeed.

Why might I need oral surgery?

Typically, when patients are referred to an oral surgeon it’s because the problem is beyond a general dentist’s expertise. It’s used for a wide variety of situations including something as routine as fitting dental implants, through to more involved cases such as the removal of a cyst or tumour. Oral surgery can also include cosmetic and re-constructive needs.  In addition your dentist may refer you to see an oral surgeon for the following issues:

  • TMJ/TMD or facial pain
  • Wisdom teeth problems
  • Removal of benign tumours & cysts

Our aim here at 44 Dental Care is always to provide quality oral surgery services for local patients with reduced waiting times. What’s more, it’s easy for your dentist to refer you to our practice to see Dr Shenoy by sending us a referral form or letter with your dental history and details. For further information on our oral surgery service, call 44 Dental Care on 0116 251 9647 and talk to our experienced team today.