5 ways to look after your teeth over the festive season

Most people are ready and geared up to enjoy a time of constant snacking along with drinking and lots of sugary foods. But stop and spare a thought for your mouth! All the extra indulgence can make your teeth miserable and put them in harm’s way – so here are 5 ways to better look after your teeth in the coming weeks.


  1. Beware of pies, puddings and cakes!


Many of us have a sweet tooth and love to finish our dinners with a rich and tasty desert. But remember, while they might satisfy your sugary cravings, they won’t satisfy your teeth! Many traditional puddings are laden with dried fruit, which have a very high sugar content. Such foods stick to your teeth and cause a lot of damage, especially if we’re gorging on them non-stop.


  1. Don’t lose your routine


Just because you may have time off work, doesn’t mean you can have time away from your oral hygiene routine! As mentioned, our teeth take quite a lot of hammering with extra puddings, chocolates and alcohol – so the least you can do is remember to brush them twice a day for two minutes and dare we mention flossing too?


  1. Say cheese!


Cheese is great for your teeth. Why? Well it actually helps the mouth return to its natural acid balance which helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay developing. So next time the cheeseboard is passed around after a meal, grab a piece – even a small slice can do the job. The same is true of sugar-free chewing gum, but we much prefer cheese…


  1. Use a bottle opener


We’re sure plenty of us are guilty for using our teeth to opening packets, bottles or to cut tape at one point or another. But, your teeth aren’t tools. A bottle opener is really not that expensive, especially when compared to the price of fixing your broken tooth! If you do somehow break or damage a tooth, the important thing is not to panic. Make your way to an emergency dentist as soon as possible. With quick action and the right treatment, you’ll give your tooth the best chance for success.


  1. Everything in moderation


Moderation (as boring as it sounds) is definitely the key to a healthy mouth. To make sure that you don’t cause any dental disasters, remember to bear in mind that it’s not how many sugary drinks and food you consume but actually how often you have them. Remember, it’s okay to pass up that last chocolate or have a glass of water instead of an extra glass of wine.


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