Teeth whitening treatments have become increasing popular over the last decade. Many people are looking for easy and affordable ways to make their teeth whiter. 44 Dental Care can make your teeth look significantly better with our expertise and teeth whitening technology.

The community of Leicester turn to us when the enamel on their teeth has discoloured. There are a number of common causes to discoloured enamel including aging, trauma, smoking, nerve degeneration, old fillings and consumption of excessive amounts of fluoride, antibiotics, sugary drinks and caffeine.

We offer the latest enlighten teeth whitening systems and professional home whitening treatments for patients wishing to enhance their smiles. Our qualified dentists have years of experience in making your teeth look naturally whiter across Leicester.

44 Dental Care’s teeth whitening treatments have enhanced many smiles and boosted hundreds of patient’s self-confidence. They can make you look younger and give off a great first impression when flashing your smile to someone for the very first time. Not only is it an affordable cosmetic procedure, we guarantee you won’t be disappoint with the fantastic results. The only regret you’ll have is not taking the time to have our teeth whitening treatments sooner!

Call us 44 Dental Care on 0116 251 9647 to arrange your teeth whitening treatments in Leicester.