Are you looking for a reliable dentist in Leicester? Not only does the city of Leicester have the best football team in England, but we also have a leading dentist in 44 Dental Care. As the local dentist to thousands of people, we know exactly how best to provide not only the best dental services, but to provide simple and effective customer service. We are often described as an approachable team of dentists, simply because one of our biggest ambitions is to ensure that our clients are calm about their dentist appointment. We often overhear people saying that they do not like the dentist and we cannot believe that certain dentist practices allow their clients to feel this way. Dentistry should not emit these feelings, it should be a process that fills you with happiness; in the fact that you are receiving specialist support and care for your oral hygiene.

What can you expect from the leading dentist in Leicester?
When you set foot into 44 Dental Care, you will be welcomed by our kind and friendly team, who will be here to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. As well as our high quality customer service, you can expect highly skilled dentists, an excellent level of care for the whole family (care for adults and children), state of the art technology and a full range of dental cosmetic treatments.

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