The ideal smile with invisible braces

A beautiful smile instantly conveys a positive image. Not only does having straight teeth contribute to having a perfect smile. The teeth are closely connected to the jaw , which forms part of the patients chin. The lips are supported by the teeth . These three elements need to be in perfect alignment to maximise the beauty of a smile.

A recent survey carried out by Invisalign revealed the ideal male and female smiles. The research found that the ideal smile in a male is made up of Robert pattison’s lips, david Beckham’s teeth and Orlando Bloom’s chin.

While the ideal female smile is made of Angenlina Jolie’s lips, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge’s teeth and Jennfer Anniston’s chin.

At 44 Dental Care we can provide the solution to giving patients perfect straight teeth through clear aligbners. These invisible braces are clear and are perfect for those patients who do not want the appliances to be seen.