Overcome dental anxiety

 How we help patients overcome their dental anxiety


For many people the thought of visiting their dentist instantly fills them with dread. Dental anxiety affects people of all ages and is extremely common. In fact, almost half of UK adults have a fear of the dentist. For most people though, it doesn’t stop them visiting their dentist regularly and having necessary treatment. However for some, having a dental phobia is a more serious problem and can have a large impact on their oral health. Whatever your level of anxiety may be, at 44 Dental you can rest assured that your comfort is our absolute main priority.


How do our team at 44 Dental deal with dental anxiety?

Here at 44 Dental, we meet nervous patients every day. Although levels of anxiety vary between patients, our dentists are understanding and realise that for some, letting a stranger anywhere near their mouth doesn’t come naturally. Therefore you can rest assured that however anxious you might be, our dentists are very experienced in dealing with nervous patients and adopt an empathetic approach at all times.


We take the time to listen to any concerns you may have because we feel it’s important that you can communicate clearly with us about your fears. This is so that we can work together to find a solution and hopefully, slowly but surely, earn your trust.


How we can help

We take dental anxiety seriously so we always aim to provide an environment that helps you to feel relaxed, comfortable and well cared for. ‘Dental phobia’ is a broad term and because every patient is different, our first step is to establish what exactly causes you to panic and then we can go from there.


We find that many who avoid visiting the dentist haven’t been for years. As such they don’t realise just how much dentistry has advanced. We now have a much wider range of treatments and products to ensure completely painless procedures. Along with that, drills tend to be a lot quieter and much less intimidating. We’re confident you’ll find it a much more gentle experience.


We always reassure our patients that all they need to do during treatment is raise a hand to signal us to stop and we will. We also encourage our patients to keep their eyes closed, or bring along some headphones and listen to music that is calming to you.


Of course some dental phobias are more deeply ingrained and require a stronger approach. In this case we might offer to treat you while under a moderate sedation which our patients find really helps them to relax during their dental treatment. You’ll still be awake and able to talk, but the drugs that we use provide a very calming effect.


As you can tell, we believe in taking a caring and communicative approach with all our nervous patients . Our aim is to put them at ease and help them to work through their dental phobias. So if you suffer with dental anxiety, call us today to talk through your concerns with us on 0116 252 9647. We look forward to giving the quality dental care that you deserve.