Emergency dentists Leicester

At 44 dental care we have an expert and professional  dental service to help you, if you have a  dental emergency. If you are involved in a dental accident then it is important to find emergency dentists immediately to prevent the tooth from deteriorating more. Teeth are a very important  part of the  body and at 44 dental care we can provide the very best  dentists to help you improve the health of your teeth and keep your teeth for longer.  If you live in the area knowing where to find an emergency dentist in Leicester can be of great benefit, especially if you are involved in an accident. 44 Dental care is in a very convenient location, easily accessibly and  close to the centre of Leicester. For those patients who are home bound , we provide a service to visit the patient. 44 Dental care dentists can visit the patient in the comfort of there own home to provide emergency dental care and  basic dental treatments.

At 44 dental care we have the latest in tools and technology to help you deal with your dental emergency. We can recement crowns with the strongest cements available, provide effective relief for  dental pain and abscess and rebuild broken teeth with tooth like materials such as white fillings. Get in touch and we will try to see you on the same day

If you would like to have beautiful teeth contact 44 Dental care for a consultation. We are happy to advise on a your dental needs and can provide dental implants to replace missing teeth or clear braces to straighten teeth.