Dental bridges vs Dental implants!

Not too long ago if you had lost a tooth the dentist would recommend that you have the teeth on either side drilled and a bridge fitted over the teeth by a bridge. This would replace the missing tooth. However during the last few years this method of tooth replacement has become less popular due to the rise in dental implants. Now an artificial replacement can be placed directly into the space without damaging the teeth on either side. The artificial replacement is made out of titanium and acts as a substitute for the original root which can then be crowned. Not having to damage the teeth on either side has led to the popularity of dental implants.


Dental implants can work very well in the patient where oral hygiene and health are good. Dental bridges however have been shown to have limited life expectancies mainly due to failure of the teeth that they are supported by.

Dental implants have another great advantage. The implants can be used to support many teeth or even dentures.

The technique of all on fours dental implants can allow the dentist to place four implants in strategic positions and have single bridge appliance  fitted over to replace all the teeth.

There are some instances where a bridge however may be suitable. Bridges over the existing teeth are quicker to construct and the cost can be relatively cheaper too. The procedure is much simpler and no surgery is necessary. Dental implants however have to be placed in the mouth surgically and should be done by a specialist in the field.

The placement of dental implants are requires good healthy bone. If not present a bone grafting may have to be performed first. Dental bridges do not require bone and hence in the absence of bone the procedure to make a dental bridge will be simpler and quicker.

Dental bridge and dental implants are both similar in that when fixed in they will both provide a stable way of replacing the original teeth , allowing the patient to chew effortlessly

The dentist will be well placed to advise on which is the best option out of the two. At 44 Dental care we have experienced dentists who will be able to make good fitting bridges. If an implant is the choice of treatment we also have specialist oral surgeons and specialist prosthodontist who can provide dental implants to a high standard.