Cosmetic teeth whitening

In the growing field of cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening has been shown to be on one of the most popular treatments available to improve a patients smile. A patient who has a set of bright pearly whites would show more confidence and white teeth demonstrate signs of maintaining personal hygiene and personality.

There are now many different types of teeth whitening techniques to suit various types of discoloration and budgets. Patients will witness varying degrees of whitening from a gentle improvement of a few shades to a drastic whitening effect that can leave the patient very pleasantly surprised. Whichever technique though is undertaken, it is important that regular maintenance is carried out, since the whitening effect can wear off in time.

At 44 dental care we offer Enlighten teeth whitening, the number one system in the UK for whitening teeth. The system is a combination treatment which means that two styles of whitening are used to give the maximam benefit. Initially we construct bleaching trays which are to be used every night for 2 weeks . Aftet the first stage the patient is then asked to come into the practice for a power whitening session where a peroxide based gel is applied to the teeth under the dentists supervision.

Enlighten is the only system which guarantees a B1 shade – which is a very white colour!  One of the problems with all teeth whitening is temporary sensitivity during the procedure. However Enlighten also supply a special tooth paste to desensitise  the teeth during the procedure.

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